Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.
— Audre Lorde


My mission is to support womxn, queer, trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, black, POC folx of all sizes and weight to have the audacity to intentionally and unapologetically have compassion for self, in all their complexities, as a radical act of finding a home within themselves.

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Movement is healing

Movement is healing for mind, body and soul. Through functional movement, beings can restore and rebuild their resiliency to deal with everyday challenges and to reconnect with a body that they may have a complicated relationship with, for various reasons.

Intentional movement can feel intimidating for many and can conjure up feelings of many things including inadequacy, overwhelm, and possibly anxiety. I believe that movement should be fun, empowering, engaging and loving. Each session begins with a check in and is tailored to how beings are feeling and needing in that moment. And each session ends with them feeling energized and glad that they showed up for themselves.

Movement is medicine. Movement is healing. The intentional practice of incorporating MORE MOVEMENT in your life is not self-indulgent. It is an example of the revolutionary act of self-care that Sis Audre Lorde speaks of.  I used my 10+ years experience in fitness and body conditioning to create a personalized, gentle, effective and accessible holistic movement practice which respects and honours being’s body’s capabilities and fitness level. 

Together, we use movement to help you to move through physical and emotional pain, to help remove blockages and negative patterns in the mind, body and spirit.

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The body remembers 

The body holds onto memories of accidents, trauma, abuse, neglect, hurt, pain and anxiety. Without a safe place and intentionality, we embrace these experiences and carry them with us as we soldier on to deal with our daily activities. The body is also somewhat resilient, it wants to see us win, so it quickly learns to compensate for areas that are fatigued, strained, locked, confused or outright screaming with pain. It takes self-awareness and courage to bring your body to seek ease and wellness.

I centre queer, trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, genderqueer and gender questioning beings.

My primary focus of care:

  • Folx who are in any and all stages of transitioning and who carry the stress of being misgendered and transphobia, that can linger in the body for years afterwards if unaddressed.

  • Folx managing the effects of binding and/or top surgery.

  • Folx living in a body that is experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, depression and trauma.

I offer intentional, trauma-informed bodywork because I appreciate the big picture of how you ended up in my therapy room. I hold space for my clients to come with their full selves for their healing.

The bodywork modalities that I have at my disposal include: deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, scar tissue release, gua sha, somatic movement, emotional energy release and breathwork.

I feel honoured to showing up, being present and truly listening for folx in the ways that they are comfortable receiving therapeutic touch. You are safe on my table. 

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not feeling seen or heard?

Somatic coaching is an embodied, experiential approach that invites and incorporates one’s whole being, emotionally and physically,  towards a body-centred transformative experience.

My goals are to provide a safe, non-judgemental and affirming space for individuals to navigate change and transitions, to live in their truths as their authentic self and to show themselves compassion in the midst of their complexity.

I believe that the truth is in the body, or rather, that the body doesn’t lie. I work with beings to lean in and listen to their body sensations and to cultivate self trust in their knowing.

I am a body-positive, LGBTQ+ affirming coach with a special interest in: beings coming to terms with their sexual and/or gender identity later in life, exploring sacred pleasure, boundary setting, healthy relationships, taking up space/living unapologetically.

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What is a Full Spectrum birthworker*?

They are a support persxn who brings the birthworker model of care to any pregnancy discourse and outcome, including miscarriage, planned abortion or medical termination, stillbirth, surrogacy or adoption. A full spectrum companion recognizes that those who have had past traumatic experiences may carry those experiences with them, and they will ultimately have a different experience of pregnancy than many might expect.

*Because I deeply believe that language matters, I intentionally do not use the Greek word “doula” which means “slave” when referring to myself or the work that I and other support people do. In an effort to decolonize language, I use the terms birthworker, support persxn, parental support practitioner and companion interchangeably.

As a Full Spectrum Birthworker:

I recognize that beings of all genders, sexual orientation, socio-economic and relationships status, weight, ethnicity, race, religion, immigration status can birth and be parents AND all deserve to have access to health care that is holistic, humanistic, and culturally appropriate. 

I am here for you if you have had past traumatic experiences either from previous pregnancies, sexual or physical abuse, domestic, dating or community violence.

I am here for single beings who are birthing, adopting, having a miscarriage or a planned or medical abortion.

I am here for beings who are negotiating body and gender dysphoria through their birthing experience. 

I am pro-abortion and believe in reproductive justice and bodily autonomy.

We never know how things are going to go during your family-building and I'm here for you regardless of the outcome so that you feel informed, heard, and supported.

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