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Taking responsibility for our well being is a revolutionary act. 

Move Better | Move More

Intentional movement can nourish your physical body as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual body. Movement helps you feel grounded, rooted, connected to your body, especially in a world that encourages and capitalizing you not showing your body any love. Feel stronger and more connected in your body for you – because you are worth it.
Online movement practice with me allows you to bring intentional movement in to your life to counter the struggles of living with trauma, disordered eating, daily microaggressions – all of the bullshit. This is your reconnection to self time.

offer integrative wellness bodywork that is body positive, gender-affirming and client-centred.
Whether your session is to address pain, increase range of motion or restore body connection, I will use a combination of bodywork techniques to craft a session that is specially designed to treat you holistically.
The bodywork modalities that I have at my disposal include deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, scar tissue massage and healing touch. My knowledge base is constantly increasing as I strive to provide the best wellness work for my clients.
You are #SafeOnMyTable

Are you a health and wellness practitioners who would 
like develop their LGBTQ+ cultural competencies in order to be a responsible and effective healthcare provider to all of your clients and patients? 
Regardless of your comfort and awareness of Queer/Trans/GNC/NB individuals and their unique service delivery considerations, a program can be tailored to your individual or practice needs.
How do you feel in your body? And I don’t mean how you look, your shape or size or a number on a scale. I’m talking about your whole health – your mental, emotional health, your environmental circumstances and experiences that all contribute to your well being.
I believe that health is what makes you feel at home and alive. Let me help you achieve your optimal health.

“I am no longer accepting things that I can not change. I am changing the things that I can not accept.” – Angela Davis

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