QueerCare: Setting the Foundation for Allyship

Healthcare provider, it’s time to step up your allyship game.

Do you feel awkward around queer or transgender people?

Not really sure about all these terminologies? Not sure you can even call someone “queer” or not?

Are you confused as to how LGBTQ people’s health needs could be different than your cishet clients? Not sure what is “cishet”? [Answer: cisgender and heterosexual.]

Or maybe as a cishet person, you want to understand the LGBTQ+ community and be more inclusive without pandering or being condescending?

Listen, I know that you want to do better and you’re not too sure where to begin.

My name is king yaa (yes, lower case please.)

In addition to being a Body Engineer (I help people to restore and maintain their bodies for optimal movement and function) and an Integrative Womxn & LGBTQ+ Health Coach, I also support health and wellness practitioners as an LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Educator. My aim is to help healthcare providers to increase their knowledge about LGBTQ+ people, to challenge their biases and attitudes and ultimately to lead to behaviour changes that best support a transformation in how HCP interact with the LGBTQ+ people that they help. The ultimate purpose of LGBTQ+ cultural competency training is to improve healthcare delivery to LGBTQ+ patients and clients and decrease LGBTQ+ health disparities while considering the intersectionality of their identities.

I am offering a course specifically for Health and Wellness Practitioners just like you who are committed to doing the work to being a kickass LGBTQ+ ally! Whether you are interested in the training for yourself or for your practice’s team, I can assist.

QueerCare: Setting the Foundation for Allyship is a 6-week course that will cover:

  • What does it even mean to be an ally?
  • Checking myself. What are my own biases? What are my privileges and how do they grant me access in my own existence? How does this impact what I bring to this learning experience?
  • What does it mean to work with marginalized communities?
  • Who exactly are the LGBTQ+ community?
  • What is inclusive language?
  • What are some first steps that I can make right now to create a welcoming and inclusive introduction to my healthcare practice?

Setting the Foundation for Allyship includes:

      • 6 Interactive 60 minute weekly¬†meetings via Zoom where we will meet to explore the topic for the week and discuss how to apply it personally and within your practice.
      • Handouts will be given with assignments to help you implement what you are learning immediately.
      • Readings will be assigned so that you can have context for the topics.
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