Move Better | Move More

Feeling good in your body is your birthright

I have participated in the toxic gym and diet culture telling clients to ‘go hard or go home’ and ‘no pain, no gain’ as well as tracking clients calories, body weight and body fat.

I don’t do that shit any more. I have moved away from the original personal fitness training trajectory to have people conforming to aesthetics that are often unhealthy, unreasonable and unattainable for many – not to mention are rooted in a place of self-hate and acceptance of some universal eurocentric standard of beauty and acceptability that we, as a collective, did not subscribe to and that we absolutely need to dismantle.

Movement is medicine. Movement is healing. The intentional practice of incorporating more movement in your life is not self-indulgent. It is an example of the revolutionary act of self-care that Sis Audre Lorde speaks of.  I have used my 10+ years experience in fitness and body conditioning to create a personalized, gentle, effective and accessible holistic movement practice called MOVE BETTER | MOVE MORE, or simply MOVE,  which respects and honours every being’s body’s capabilities, body shape, size and fitness level. 

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Online program tailored to your needs

During our initial intake, I like to get to know what your life is like, what activities that you enjoy to nourish your body and spirit, get an idea of your relevant health history, as well as what are your functional goals. I believe that you are the expert of your body and I am interested in the story that you have of your body so we can plan how to best meet your functional goals. 

Your program may include movement practices for strengthening, stretching, somatic movement, corrective movement, as well as diaphragmatic breathing.

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  • Core Confidence

  • If you’ve had back pain, back or abdominal surgery (such as c-section) or injury, you likely have a weak inner core unit that needs to be retrained for optimal body function. It is important to strengthen the 5 Fundamental Deep Core muscles: transverse abdominis, multifidus, internal obliques, pelvic floor and diaphragm – to develop inner core strength and stability. These Deep 5 all work together to stabilize the spine and pelvis to prevent injury and the development of muscular imbalances. Essentially, the stronger your inner core, the better you can move and function to do the things that you enjoy CONFIDENTLY.

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Encouraging a decolonized health & fitness

Intentional movement can be many things and for many things. I guide you to support your body to heal, your mind to transcend and you spirit to be elevated. I walk with you a on a journey to reconnect with your body that they may have harmed in the past but is now willing to re-claim in a gentle and loving way…especially beings who have been living with chronic pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety and/or depression.

Intentional movement is far from punishing you or oppressing your body. I trust you to listen not just to your body, but your mental and emotional needs as well. We will pay attention to your energy, self-care practices, stress level and happiness – to support an embodied relationship to your unique health & well being.

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