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what makes US unique

about ME

Nice to meet you.

My name is king yaa. I identify as black, queer, womxn, MoC, gnc*, and a mama.

My pronouns: she/her.

I am a  BODY ENGINEER & an Integrative Womxn & LGBTQ+ Health Coach.

As a Body Engineer, I am committed to helping womxn* and LGBTQ+ folx to restore and maintain their bodies for optimal movement and function for their own radical act of finding a home in their bodies.

As an Integrative Womxn & LGBTQ+ Health Coach, I provide an integrative approach to support clients with whatever lifestyle changes/transitions they’ve decided that they would like to make to meet their overall or specific health goals. 

I have struggled with chronic back issues for many years and I understand the frustration of living with pain and in a body that just wasn’t happy. The annoyance and depression, I’ve been there.

The tools I have amassed over the years (both as a personal trainer/bodywork therapist and as a patient) which I have used to restore my own back health and many others to structural and functional alignment birthed the CORE CONFIDENCE program. This has been instrumental in assisting those with chronic back pain, back injury, post back op, post childbirth and more.

I have moved away from the original personal fitness training trajectory to have people conforming to aesthetics that are often unhealthy, unreasonable and unattainable for many – not to mention are rooted in a place of self-hate acceptance of some universal eurocentric standard of beauty and acceptability that we, as a collective, did not subscribe to and that we absolutely need to do away with.

Movement is medicine. Movement is healing. The intentional practice of incorporating MORE MOVEMENT in your life is not self-indulgent. It is an example of the revolutionary act of self-care that Sis Audre Lorde speaks of.  I have used my 10+ years experience in fitness and body conditioning to create a personalized, gentle, effective and accessible holistic movement practice called MORE MOVEMENT which respects and honours every being’s body’s capabilities, body shape, size and fitness level. 

Living in our bodies can be such an uncomfortable place to be. Our bodies can often be a home to emotional, psychological and physical trauma. RESTORATIVE TOUCH bodywork therapy is a great way to give your body some much needed attention, especially from a massage therapist that is non-judgemental, body-positive, trans- and queer-friendly and queer-centric. I respect you and your body and offer a safe space for you to care, heal and reconnect with your body – whether at my studio or in your home, I’ve got you.

My work and life within a sector of the LGBTQ+ community has led me to supporting some specialized health and wellness needs.  For folx who chest bind or have had FTM top surgery, I support optimal movement + function through the RELEASE & STRENGTHEN program (which is also beneficial for those who have had c-sections.)

My own experiences and interest in the health and wellness of womxn, trans and queer folx have led me to becoming an Integrative Womxn & LGBTQ+ Health Coach. I support beings to clarify their health and wellness vision, make sustainable behaviour changes, trust their inner wisdom as they take steps towards their transformation goals.

To support health and wellness practitioners to better meet the needs of LGBTQ+ folx, I offer QueerCare: Cultural Competency Training to increase healthcare providers’ knowledge, skills and positive attitudes working with LGBTQ+ individuals. If you are a healthcare provider who is deeply invested in confronting your attitude and implicit biases so that you can best interact with LGBTQ+ individuals and best show up for your behaviour change, this training is for you.

Here is what to expect working with king yaa:

♚ Intersectional feminist approach to supporting womxn and LGBTQ+ folx to move, function and feel amazing in your bodies, wherever you are in your journey. I support you.

♚ A safe, inclusive, body-positive, gender and fat-positive and empowering space and services to improve your health + fitness.

♚ Movement as medicine for body + mind as a means to increase emotional wellbeing and decrease physiological and psychological pain.

♚ Encouragement to have the mental, spiritual and physical strength and stamina to do the things that contribute to you living a kickass life.

♚ Support to help you set and achieve functional goals.

♚ Health and fitness are not discussed in terms of your size, shape or weight.

I offer online Core Confidence, More Movement, Integrative Womxn & LGBTQ+ Health Coaching and QueerCare: LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training via Zoom. 

*Womxn is used as an intersectional inclusion of transgender womxn and every other self identifying womxn out there.

*MoC (masculine of  center). Lesbians, queer women, and non-binary trans people who tend toward the masculine in their gender expression. The term is more commonly used in communities of melanin.

*GNC (gender non conforming)Individuals who do not to adhere to the traditional gender expectations for appearance and behavior of people of their assigned gender. Some identify as transgender, but others (like butch lesbians) do not.

about YOU

You are ready to move, feel and live better in your body. 

♚ Your desire for improved health + fitness contribute to your empowerment, not oppression.

♚ You would like to move from a relationship with your body from a place of guilt and dissatisfaction to one of compassion and appreciation.

♚ You recognize that you can have health + fitness at any body size, body shape and body weight.

♚ You are not your body. But sure would like improvement with any of these…

Reduce aches and pains, improve mental clarity, boost your energy, improve your movement, increase your flexibility, sleep better, build your core strength, feel stronger, feel more connected, increase body awareness and embrace a more lifelong loving and caring relationship with your body.

You and I believe that health + fitness is for all bodies of all sizes, shapes, colour, genders, gender identities, sexual orientation and abilities. WE stand for RADICAL SELF-LOVE for everybody & every body!

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation. “
Audre Lorde

what my clients say

How has movement and being physically active changed lives?

king yaa's training was never boring and always reinvigorating. It gave me the energy buzz I needed to get through my usually busy day and helped me to build up strength and endurance. I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone and king yaa had the right attitude and program to do this while still maintaining a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere.
Laura Nkula-Wenz
My body is so much happier! I'm stronger so it's easier to do things around the home as well as participate in other extra curricular activities with increased energy and without injury. Her nutritional suggestions are inspiring me to look closer at how I'm eating and I know this is also an important part of facilitating my body to perform at it's best. I'd recommend her for everyone wanting to love their body and life more.
Cindy Gordon
I have a habit of self sabotaging when I am making progress and she reminds me of my patten when she sees it.  That has helped me a great deal in achieving my goals.  She makes herself available to me that if I have any questions or concerns.  I am truly enjoying my experience because I have tried regular gyms and they didn't work for me but this does mainly because of her.
Marlene Reid
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